The Laowa 10-18mm For Real Estate Photography? Any Good?


The Laowa 10-18mm is the widest full frame lens available that isn’t a fish eye.

And at 10mm at its widest, it is crazy wide.

You might have seen this lens and been tempted to pick it up for your real estate photography. I know I was! Which is why I bought one!

But, is it worth it?

Unfortunately, no. I would not recommend this lens for real estate photography.

While it’s definitely passable for a beginner lens, I would recommend saving up and getting something more like the Sigma 14-24mm F2.8 over this lens.

I think it would be better suited for something like astrophotography, or the extreme end of landscape photography.

It’s a really cool idea for a lens, but in my opinion, and from the few shoots I used it on, they missed the mark on its quality.

Here’s what I like about the lens:

  • This is an extremely wide lens. It’s a blast to be able to capture a huge amount of, for lack of a better term, real estate in your images.
  • It’s very small, which is a huge plus, and pretty lightweight to boot.
  • It also features an internal zoom, so using this lens on a gimbal would have no problem with balancing.
  • Because it’s 10mm on a full frame, you get the full 10mm field of view. This is crazy wide, and makes it super easy to capture things like small bathrooms or closets, which I would usually skip over in my shoots.

Here’s what I don’t like about the lens:

  • It’s expensive. Coming in at $699.00 new, it’s quite a steep price for a manual focus lens. While this isn’t a hugely expensive price point, it isn’t quite what I would expect to pay for a lens that has some major distortion problems.
  • It’s extremely distorted at 10mm.
  • It has some focusing issues.
  • It has odd bending at the center when shooting straight on.
  • Extreme vignetting at 10mm.

Here are some examples of photos I’ve taken with this lens. I’ll include the unedited RAW image, and the edited ones too.

RAW Exterior

Edited Exterior

See the odd banding on the gutter of the building? It’s quite odd. It’s really only visible when shooting straight on.

Here are some more photo examples taken with this lens:

Overall, it’s not an absolutely horrible lens, I’ve certainly used worse, but when you have the option to buy lenses like the Sony 12-24mm F4, or the Sigma 14-24mm F2.8, this lens falls short.

What do you think of the Laowa 10-18mm? Would you use it for your real estate photography business?

Jordan is a business owner, author, course creator, and entrepreneur, all while coaching new and experienced real estate photographers and helping them grow their businesses more efficiently.

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